Cyber Safety

The Internet is a wonderful place to gather information, keep in touch with our friends and family, and experience virtual worlds.  It is also a place where criminals can access our personal data or find other ways to harm us.  Unwanted emails can clog our inboxes or download destructive viruses.  Kids and young adults are increasingly using the Internet and email on their own.  To help them understand the benefits and dangers that go along with using the Internet, posting to social media, and email, please talk to them about safe Internet/email use.  Some suggested tips are:

  • Never give out or accept personal information from a stranger.  Don’t accept email requests from anyone unless you first tell your parents.
  • Don’t forward chain emails.  These are usually considered a nuisance and may contain viruses or scams.
  • Never write to anyone that you don’t know.  If anyone is writing to you, tell your parent right away if you feel uncomfortable.
  • Block, screenshot and report any inappropriate email, text, chat and/or post.  Tell your parents and/or your teachers so they can report the activity.