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Upper Middle School Teacher Info 2020-2021


Donna Pierce/8th Grade Coordinator, 8th Grade Science, 8th Grade HR                          

Phone #: (512) 928-8822

Email: mspierce@stfrancis-school.org

Zoom Link: Ms. Pierce’s Science class and office hours meeting room


Meeting ID: 504 037 2980

Passcode: pierce215

Preferred contact methods & times: Jupiter message or email


Kelly Moore/8th Grade HR, 8th Grade Language Arts                        

Phone #: (314) 717-5342

Email: msmoore@stfrancis-school.org

Zoom: https://stfrancis-school-org.zoom.us/j/6101506848?pwd=amtNSkVjSWJxOTNBNWdyM2xFbTJSZz09

Meeting ID: 610 150 6848

Passcode: moore220

Preferred contact methods & times: Jupiter message or email before or by 6pm.


Brian Engel/8th Grade Cohort, 8th Grade History                                  

Phone #: (512) 249-0142

Email: MrEngel@stfrancis-school.org

Zoom Link: https://stfrancis-school-org.zoom.us/j/7904686117?pwd=R0Q5WlpHMnM2Z2xPbHA0OTRHZVFodz09

Meeting ID: 790 468 6117

Passcode: Engel218

Preferred contact methods & times: Jupiter messages are my preference, with email as a backup. Parents are welcome to contact me to schedule a phone call. Please do not text.


 Jessica Hayworth/8th Grade HR, 8th Grade Math

Phone #: (209) 627-8258

Email: jhayworth@stfrancis-school.org

Zoom Link: https://zoom.us/j/5197669048?pwd=d2RMSXVKSU1jZnFLS1VqTExBb2xZQT09

Meeting ID: 519 766 9048

Passcode: hayworth21

Preferred contact methods & times: Jupiter messages are my preference, with email as a backup!


Tyler Brough/7th Grade HR, 7th Grade History                      

Phone #: (512) 751-1046

Email:   OrionusRex@hotmail.com

Zoom Link: https://stfrancis-school-org.zoom.us/j/8355075553?pwd=c1R0ODFmMVdTNUFVT2xnaEhSamdUQT09

Meeting ID: 835 507 5553

Passcode: brough210

Preferred contact methods & times:  Jupiter messages are my preference.  Email works as well.


Ivy Williams/7th Grade HR, 7th Grade Science                       

Phone #:  (443) 504-8856

 Email:  mswilliams@stfrancis-school.org

Zoom Link:https://stfrancis-school-org.zoom.us/j/7252571721?pwd=S3Nra2MySy9GMy9IVW0wUG1SaTU3QT09

Meeting ID: 725 257 1721

Passcode: williams21

Preferred contact methods & times: Jupiter messages are my preference.  Email works as well.


 Allie Porter/7th Grade Cohort, 7th Grade Math, 7th & 8th Study Hall

Mobile Phone #: (512) 925-7130

Email: msporter@stfrancis-school.org

Zoom Link: Classes, Enrichment, Clubs, Office Hours, & Conferences all use this link.


Zoom Meeting ID: 853 091 9715

Zoom Passcode: porter212

Preferred contact methods: Jupiter Ed messages are my preferred contact method. Parents may text me, but be aware that I often do not see messages or texts during class.


Lary Warner/Latin                          

Phone #:   (512) 917-6097

Email:  magistertexas@hotmail.com

Zoom Link:


Preferred contact methods & times: I check Jupiter and Email during the day and usually once between 6:00 and 7:00 in the evening. I don’t mind texts from parents, they may not get immediate replies during my class times.


Jim Parker/7th Grade Cohort, 7th Grade Language Arts, 7th Grade Coordinator                 

Phone #: (512) 707-9724

Email:  jppaustin44@gmail.com

Zoom Link: Mr. Parker’s Language Arts class and office hours meeting room


Personal ID Number: 882 3920404

Password: parker214

Preferred contact methods & times: Jupiter message or email are great! I am up by 5:00am every morning, but I never check email after 6:00pm.


 Deborah Overdorff/8th Grade HR/7th Grade Math, 8th Grade Math, Math Coordinator

Phone #: (512) 453-7748                  Cell: (512) 636-0899

Email: msoverdorff@stfrancis-school.org

Zoom Link: https://stfrancis-school-org.zoom.us/j/7061191119?pwd=Zlo0WlVLaWljZVVnQVRBdlh2TCtvdz09

Personal ID Number  706 119 1119

Password: overdorff2

Preferred contact methods & times: Jupiter Ed  message or email ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Brenda Bazaldua (Lola)/7th & 8th Grade Spanish

Phone #: (512) 779-8533

Email: msbazaldua@stfrancis-school.org

Zoom Link: https://stfrancis-school-org.zoom.us/j/92815546045?pwd=YnNuWjhNUmRUZGV3QXdIem9JamRuZz09

Zoom ID: 675 085 7430   

Zoom password: Bazaldua217

Preferred contact methods & times: Jupiter messages are my preference, with email as a backup.


Emily Echols/Middle School Librarian

Phone #: (512) 733-4083

Email: eechols@stfrancis-school.org

Zoom Link:


Meeting ID: 846 302 4812

Password: echols214

Preferred contact methods & times: Jupiter Ed message or email.


 Wendy LaBarre/Tech Coach (teacher & tech support)

Phone: (512)966-1805

Email: wlabarre@stfrancis-school.org

Zoom Link: https://stfrancis-school-org.zoom.us/j/7681085177?pwd=aG1ObTliWUhkWGxIWFl6enQ0S01wZz09

Meeting ID: 768 108 5177

Password: labare200

Preferred contact methods & times: Jupiter Ed message or email, any email after 5:00 will be answered the next day.



UMS Information




If you have any concerns about how your child is doing, please contact your Cohort Teacher as soon as possible, so that we can work together to solve a problem before it causes undue stress for your child. We will do our best to pick up on your child’s cues when a problem arises, but we would greatly appreciate your support by letting us know if your child begins to feel overwhelmed, bored or unsafe at school. If you feel contacting the core teacher would better address your concerns we encourage you to do so.



Team Teacher Meetings

If you would like to schedule a team meeting with all of your child’s teachers, contact your Cohort Teacher. Team meetings take place virtually from 7:45 am to 8:15 am on Thursdays.




End of the first quarter conferences will take place with your child’s Cohort Teacher.  Please refer to the school calendar for conference dates.




If your child is absent, they can be given a link to the recorded class upon request.



Jupiter Ed

Our school uses the Jupiter Ed website to help keep you informed about your child’s progress.  You can log in anytime to check current grades, homework, missing assignments, test scores, and report cards.  It’s completely secure, so no one else can see your personal information.



Honor Roll

The Honor Roll is to recognize excellence in our students.  In order to be recognized on the A Honor Roll, students must achieve nothing less than an 90% in all core subjects.  To receive the A+ Honor Roll, students must achieve a 97% or above in each core class.  



St. Francis is committed to a no-tolerance policy regarding bullying of any kind. This includes verbal and emotional bullying as well as physical. This also pertains to any online classrooms and platforms. We are a community of individuals, and we all have the right to feel safe in the school environment. If we feel a student is involved in any form of bullying, we will immediately sit down with that student and address the issue. If the problem continues, parents will be asked to become involved and disciplinary measures will be taken accordingly.




UMS Zoom Requirements


1. Find a quiet place free of distractions. Ideally, you should be sitting at a desk or table.


2. Have materials ready at the beginning of each class.


3. Be on time. You will be considered tardy after 5 minutes. Don’t leave the meeting until the end of the class period (teacher determined).


4. Dress appropriately for a school day.


5. Enter the meeting with your video on.


6. Be respectful to your classmates and teachers at all times.


7. No other electronics may be used during the Zoom meetings without the teacher’s permission.


8. Use your real name as your display name.


9. When using a virtual background make sure it is an appropriate virtual background.



Dear Parents,


As always, the safety of your child is of the utmost importance to us at St. Francis School. In these strange times, we are all facing new challenges. In order to protect our teachers and your children, all Zoom Classes will be recorded. This also offers us a unique opportunity to use these recordings for educational purposes for any students who have missed a class or who need to review information. Each day, teachers could post a recorded version of their class in their Jupiter materials folder or send you a link directly to the class on Jupiter upon request.


Once again, the safety of your child is of the utmost importance to us at St. Francis School. Please know that Jupiter Education is a protected site with a personal log in. The recorded classes being offered are for educational purposes only and should only be used as such. At no point and time should these recordings be shared, copied, or reused for any other purposes. These classes are for individual student use only and are for private viewings only.


If for any reason your child needs to opt out of having their video or name appear on these videos, please contact your Cohort Teacher, to make arrangements.





Deborah Overdorff (Mathematics)

Allie Porter (Mathematics)

Jessica Hayworth (Mathematics)

Tyler Brough (7th grade Social Studies)

Ivy Williams (7th Grade Science)

Jim Parker (7th Grade Language Arts)

Brian Engel (8th Grade US History)

Donna Pierce (8th Grade Science)

Kelly Moore (8th Grade Language Arts)

Lary Warner (Latin)

Brenda Bazaldua/Lola (Spanish)



Living Poetry Society

What: Come join us for Breakfast, Community and Poetry!

Bring in a copy of your favorite poems, read some original works, or just come in and grab a poem off the internet!

Listeners, observers, and early rising poetry lovers are all welcome as well.

When: Wednesday Mornings at 7:45-8:15

Where: Mr. Parker's Zoom Room

Who: St. Francis students, Parents, Alumni, Faculty Members, or Friends and Family of St. Francis.

I will be looking for guest poets from all over the country as the school year progresses! Let me know if you have suggestions.

How Much: Free! You need to provide your own breakfast.


To some people a tree is something so incredibly beautiful that it brings tears to the eyes.

To others it is just a green thing that stands in the way.

-William Blake


The important thing about a poem is the reader.

-Mark Van Doren


He (or She)…who aspires to be a great poet,

must first become a little child.

-Thomas Babington Macaulay