My Bio

Education: University of Texas at Austin, BS
Teaching since: 1982
Teaching at St. Francis since: 1987
Email: [email protected]
School phone number: 454-0848 x 1861

I am looking forward to introducing our new 8th grade science curriculum this year. We will be using Discovery Education, and it is full of fun, interesting and inspiring ideas and lessons. I am always looking for ways to incorporate hands-on and inquiry based learning experiences in my classroom.

I have been teaching at St. Francis School since 1987. I taught 5th grade for a few years. Then I started to move up through the  grades as the school added 6th, 7th and 8th grade. I was teaching science and math. I finally landed in 8th grade, and I teach Physical Science. It has been a pleasure to watch the school grow and become better and better throughout the years. I can’t imagine teaching at any other school.One of my favorite things about our school is the fact that our alumni continue to come back and visit us years after they have left the school. They always have wonderful memories to share and we love to hear about their accomplishments.

I enjoy cooking, and therefore teach a cooking elective each year. We always cook some tasty food and have a great time. I also enjoy going to group fitness classes. I am even a certified Piloxing instructor and Piloxing Barre instructor. I also enjoy Zumba and yoga.