My Bio

Lary Warner is a native Austinite who has long had an interest in language. He benefited from a bilingual Spanish immersion program at Matthews Elementary when in the First Grade. At Crockett MS  in Amarillo in eighth grade he was introduced to the study of Latin. He continued at Jesuit Shreveport during his Freshman year; At Austin High he studied both Latin and Spanish until he graduated in 1983. During his college years at ACC and the University of Texas he majored in Latin and minored in Spanish -- all the while learning Ancient Greek and becoming enamored with Linguistics. He ultimately earnined a BA in Latin with departmental honors in 1992. In 1993 he matriculated to the Graduate School at the University of Missouri. There he began his classroom teaching experience. After four-and-a-half years of Teaching College students and earning an M.A. in the process, he decided to persue teaching rather than research. In 1998 he began teaching Middle School students at Burnet MS. After teaching for a few years at Kealing MS and Reagan HS, he began teaching at St Francis in 2006. He teaches Latin, works with the Band for Musicals, and teaches Italian for Tourists to the eighth graders every year.