My Bio

         Greetings!  My name is Tyler Orion Brough, and I teach 7th Grade History at St. Francis School.  I've always had a passion for learning about the different cultures in the world and their histories.  My interest in such has led me to travel extensively throughout Europe and Latin America.  I spent quite a bit of time in Germany, where I picked up the German language while studying at the Goethe Institute Düsseldorf in 2001-2002.  
         After finishing my studies at St. Edward's University here in Austin, Texas, in 2007 I began my teaching career and eventually ended up finding my place at St. Francis School, where I began during the 2008 school year.   In addition to teaching history, I also enjoy assisting with our school's various film and video projects, as well as helping with the amazing theatrical productions our school performs each year.  
        I absolutely love everything about St. Francis School!  The staff is wonderful, the students are wonderful, and I am truly dedicated to making our school the greatest learning environment possible.  When I'm not teaching, I'm usually enjoying spending time with my wife and our toddler son, Ody.  
Education: St. Edward’s University, BA
Teaching since: 2007
Teaching at St. Francis since: 2008
School phone number: 512 454-0848 EXT1829
Email: [email protected]