Board Information


Douglas Laycock is a law professor and a long-time volunteer at St. Francis. Doug’s two sons attended St. Francis from 1987 to 2001, and he was President of the St. Francis Board from 1992 to 2001. He helped lead St. Francis out of its early hand-to-mouth days and through its emergency relocation in 1995. He oversaw the financing and construction needed to acquire a burned-out office building and convert it into a school over the summer, the purchase of the soccer fields, and the construction of the gym. He drafted the St. Francis mission statement on the front page of the website. He has remained on the Board all these years out of gratitude for what St. Francis did for his boys.

Doug has served as lead counsel in six cases in the U.S. Supreme Court, testified many times before Congress and the Texas legislature, and published nine books and scores of scholarly articles. He had to move to Charlottesville when his wife became President of the University of Virginia. But he has now retired from teaching and has returned to Austin full time.