The Learning Center

An educational support center for building academic success

Our learning center provides specialized tutoring for individual students or small groups.  At the learning center we offer individualize programs to foster student’s academic growth.

These programs include:

  • Dyslexia therapy
  • Intensive reading skill instruction
  • Advanced reading, spelling, writing, and academic support

Learning Center Staff:

  • All Learning Center staff are specially trained in reading, writing, and dyslexia intervention.
  • All full-time Learning Center staff members are certified teachers with many years of experience in academic remediation.
  • Staff members are also trained in the “All Kinds of Minds” program to teach strategies to overcome breakdown points in learning, as well as using areas of strength to bolster learning.

Program Enrollment: 

Reading, language arts, and academic support programs are available to all St. Francis students.  The Learning Center can be contacted to request a scheduled program for individual students.  An additional monthly fee is charged for this program.  Please call the main office at (512) 454-0848 for more information and scheduling.