Board of Directors

St. Francis Board of Directors

St. Francis School is an independent, not-for-profit corporation whose voting members are the parents of enrolled or graduated  students. The parents elect the majority of the Board of Directors, who manage the school’s finances and physical buildings. The Board appoints a Head of School, who has primary responsibility for daily operations and for all educational matters.

The St. Francis Board is a distinguished group of academic and business and professional people, all of whom have chosen to educate their children at St. Francis School.

Click here for the bylaws of the Board of Directors:

Board of Directors 2021 – 2022

  • Mary Marerro, President
  • Linda van Bavel, Vice President
  • Sharon Doerre, Secretary
  • Douglas Laycock, Treasurer
  • Barbara Porter, Ex-Officio, Head of School and Founder
  • Eric Bear
  • Amy Degner
  • Chuck Garner
  • Leigh McCary
  • John Mullins
  • Anshu Panicker
  • Laura Peveto
  • Scott Turner
  • Melissa Walker