School Counselor

Our school counselor, Leslie Kornblith, follows the guidelines set forth by the American School Counselors Association (ASCA). 
The role of the school counselor is to advocate for all students so that they can be successful in their academic careers and their social relationships in order to thrive as adults. 
In our counseling program, the school counselor provides group instruction through classroom lessons.  PK-4th grade meets with the counselor every other week, and 5th-8th grade students meet with the counselor once per month.  Lesson topics include learning about empathy, kindness, gratitude, executive functioning skills, growth mindset, conflict resolution, diversity, inclusion, friendship skills, self-esteem, self-advocacy, setting boundaries, high school preparation, and other requested topics as needed. 
The school counselor supports students through small groups, meeting on a diversity of topics such as family changes, grief and loss, and friendship "lunch bunches."  When students are struggling with individual challenges such as anxiety, depression, dysregulated emotions, or friendship concerns, the school counselor meets with them 1:1 using brief solution-focused strategies and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).  Additionally, the counselor will work with the family to help identify services and resources to support the student. 
Our school counselor often participates in team meetings with other faculty to identify appropriate supports to help our students be successful at SFS.  Through consultation, collaboration, and referrals, the school counselor ensures that all students are provided with the opportunity to succeed and thrive.
Our school counselor can be reached via: or book an appointment with her at