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St. Francis School — Application Process


St. Francis School offers students the opportunity for excellence in achievement, with admissions based on the school’s ability to meet each individual child’s needs. There is no entrance examination. St. Francis includes gifted students who need advancement and enrichment, as well as students of all academic levels who will benefit from more individualized instruction. St. Francis welcomes the challenged student.

 St. Francis School does not require an entrance examination as part of the admissions process. It does ask that any previous testing information, along with an applicant’s previous school records, be submitted to the school.

St. Francis School practices a non-discriminatory admissions policy, admitting students of any race, religion, gender, or ethnic origin — to all the rights, privileges, educational programs, and school activities offered to all St. Francis students.

The school follows an order of admission with priority to (1) presently enrolled students (2) siblings of currently enrolled students and (3) wait-listed students.  Students might be placed on the wait-list once the Head of School has the opportunity to meet with parents (and students as necessary). Prospective students must also make one or more student classroom visits.

To begin the application process, please call the school at (512) 454-0848 or email to set up an appointment with Barbara Porter, Head of School. Ms. Porter delights in meeting with prospective families.  She will ask and answer questions and address all issues concerning the school and the admissions process. Take a virtual tour of the school.

Because of social distancing guidelines, our tour and visitation processes have gone digital.  Click on the virtual school tour link above to view the school.  School visitations are suspended for this time.  Thanks for your understanding in keeping our students and faculty safe.

Once a decision has been made regarding your child’s admission to St. Francis, you will be provided with a school contract. Additionally, the school will request a copy of any and all educational testing your child may have received, as well as past school records.

The admissions process, from start to finish, is both informal and highly personalized — with the emphasis on determining the best fit between the St. Francis educational environment and the individual needs of your child.